• Fitch's Paradox and Level-Bridging Principles, The Journal of Philosophy (Jan 2020), vol. 117 (1): 5-29 [preprint | journal]

I generalise Fitch's Paradox to show that standard diagnoses of it are mistaken and it depends on much weaker assumptions than commonly thought needed.

  • Disappearing Diamonds: Fitch-Like Results in Bimodal Logic, Journal of Philosophical Logic (Dec 2019), vol. 48: 1003-1016 [preprint | journal | online view]

I extend the reasoning in Fitch's Paradox to show other interesting cases of modal collapse.

Under Review

  • [Title redacted]

I defend Averagism against standard objections.

  • [Title redacted]

I explore weak variants of positive and negative introspection principles.

  • [Title redacted]

I defend a semantics for the deontic and epistemic 'ought' based on Bayesian confirmation theory.

Works in Progress (drafts available upon request)

  • "Chance, Credence, Correlation"

I show the incompatibility of the Principal Principle with another prima facie compelling chance-credence principle, and discuss the implications of this.

  • "Mereology as a Theory of Fusions"

I explore the logical relations among various principles about mereological fusions and their relations to various principles about parthood.

  • "Conservative Extension Results for Fitch's Paradox"

I provide some characterisations of sufficiently weak logics not susceptible to Fitch's Paradox.